The First Call20140214_105530(0)

When you first speak with Eastaugh & Carroll you will be asked a number of questions. These questions are asked to help us to help you.

  • You will be asked the name of the person who has died.
  • The date and place of death and their age.
  • Depending on the place of death you may be asked if a doctor has been in attendance.
  • Has the type and location of the funeral service been considered and
  • Whether a burial or cremation is required.

Quite often these issues have not been considered, but some families have a clear idea of what they require. It is most important that you ask for our advice and help if you are not sure what to do at this time. We will then advise you of what is needed to be done and arrange for a follow up call or a time made to discuss funeral arrangements. Arranging the funeral can take place wherever your family needs our help. That may be at your home, our funeral home, a regional town or other suitable location.20140214_105712

Information Required

When we see you to arrange a funeral, besides details for the actual service, we need to gather information to register the persons death.

This includes;

  • Full name
  • Date of birth and death
  • Place of death
  • Usual residence
  • Occupation
  • Pension type
  • Place of birth
  • Parents names, including mother’s maiden name
  • Marriage details, including place, age and to whom
  • Name and dates of birth of all children

This information is then used to register the death electronically on the day of the funeral and a certified copy of the death certificate is furnished to the family or executor. The certificate the doctor or coroner writes is not the official death certificate. A copy of this document is normally given to the family at the time of the funeral. The certified copy of the death certificate is sent when it becomes available from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

20140214_102021The Arrangement Conference

After the initial call to us, a time will be made for a meeting to discuss the funeral arrangements. This can be done at the Eastaugh & Carroll Funeral Home or at another location of your choosing. During that meeting all aspects of the funeral service will be discussed.


Firstly information will be gathered to register the death

  • The type and place of service will be confirmed
  • Burial or Cremation arrangements made
  • Press announcements for media drafted
  • Decisions on flowers, cars, music, pallbearers and eulogies
  • Clothing and viewing of the deceased
  • Seating arrangements for the service
  • Choice of coffin or casket
  • Costing of the funeral arrangements and a written estimate given

Sometimes it will be necessary to consult with us again about some of these decisions.

It is not our position to make these decisions for a family but to listen to your requests and gently guide you through the process.

Coffins and Caskets20140214_101953 (3)

Eastaugh & Carroll provide a large range of coffins and caskets from the simplest coffins to the most elegant hand crafted solid timber coffins and caskets. The difference between a coffin and casket is that a casket is rectangular in shape whereas a coffin tapers from the shoulder to the foot.

A range of environmentally friendly coffins are also available.

It is recommended that an appointment be made to view our comprehensive selection room and discuss with John, Peter or one of their helpful staff, your requirements.


Every funeral is individually costed to reflect the services required. A funeral account is normally made up of 2 parts;

  • The funeral directors’ charges which include their professional services
  • Coffin or casket
  • Transfer fee
  • Mortuary preparations
  • Travel expenses

There are the disbursements paid on the family’s behalf.

These include

  • Cemetery or cremation expenses
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Clergy / church / celebrant fees
  • Advertising
  • Flowers
  • Printing
  • Sundry expenses

lawson roomGenerally it is standard practise for cemetery or cremation expenses to be paid prior to the funeral taking place.

It is best to speak with Eastaugh & Carroll and allow us to tailor an estimate to suit your requirements and personal circumstances.





The Day of the Funeralphoto

When the day of the funeral service arrives we will have previously discussed arrival times, transport and parking arrangements.

We normally suggest to arrive at the service only a few minutes before the service so that you can be seated and the service will commence. It is very important that the service starts on time.

If we are providing a mourning coach the timing will be controlled by us, so you don’t need to worry. Eastaugh & Carroll will have the coffin in place and pallbearers will be briefed about their duties, if required.

Pallbearers are advised not to act until instructed.

All flowers and cards will be collected and a condolence register will be available to be signed by those attending.

Donations to a particular charity, if required, will also be collected on the family’s behalf.

There is no need to worry about anything, but sit back and take in the service and reflect on the life of the person you have lost.

If the funeral is moving on to another location such as a cemetery, we will advise you about timing.

The grave-site will be dressed, chairs, shade canopies, sound systems and cool drinking water will be available, if required.

Eastaugh & Carroll will take care of all logistics and detail. We endeavour to do this in an efficient yet unobtrusive manner.hearse1

Pre-arrange or Pre-pay?

If you wish to remove the burden of arranging your funeral for someone, family or otherwise, pre-arranged or pre-paid funerals can be organised. Pre arranging is simply sitting down with us and putting all your requests and wishes on file. Pre paying is arranging and paying for the funeral in advance. The money paid is NOT held by Eastaugh & Carroll but invested with a registered funeral plan company. A Funeral Bond (a set amount of money invested without funeral arrangements) is also available.

It is most important that your family and executor are aware if you choose to pre arrange or pre pay your funeral.

Arranging your funeral in advance does give you peace of mind to know that your wishes will be carried out.

Funeral Finance

Funerals can be arranged to personal requirements and all financial circumstances. All credit cards accepted (charges or fees may apply to AMEX and Diners) and finance through “Ezi-Pay” (an independently operated financier).